Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Radio Bloomsday 2019: Celebrating Father's Day

Radio Bloomsday returns this Father's Day, Sunday, June 16th from 7pm to 1am hosted by Caraid O'Brien and Janet Coleman.  We will be investigating the roles of fathers, dead and alive, absent and present throughout Ulysses.  The Calypso episode will be performed in its entirety featuring Wallace Shawn and Anne Enright.  Other artists appearing on the broadcast include Jerry Stiller, Anne, Enright, Wallace Shawn, Mara McEwin, Alec Baldwin, David Dozer, Janet Coleman, Paul Dooley, Aaron Beall, T. Ryder Smith, Christine de Michele,  Marie Louise Bowe, Raluca Barbulescu, Wendy Rule, Anne Talhami, Mannix Beall-O'Brien and many others.  Caraid O'Brien performs the complete Molly Bloom episode at the end of the broadcast.  Radio Bloomsday will also include a tribute to Joyce's former secretary playwright and novelist Samuel Beckett with a performance of Molloy by Alvin Epstein.  Listen in New York City on 99.5 FM or live online worldwide at

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Radio Bloomsday: Greatest Hits 2018

Janet Coleman and Caraid O'Brien host Radio Bloomsday: Greatest Hits this father's day, Saturday, June 16th, 2018 from 7pm to midnight on and 99.5 FM in New York City.  This broadcast includes some of the best moments from Bloomsdays past including performances by Wallace Shawn, Alec Baldwin, Anne Enright, Jerry Stiller, Paul Dooley, Bob Odenkirk, Marc Maron, Johnny O'Callaghan, Aaron Beall and so many more. The program ends with the one and only Molly Bloom duologue, Molly in conversation with herself performed by Bernadette Quigley and Caraid O'Brien.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Radio Bloomsday Sizzle Reel

Only 9 months until Radio Bloomsday 2015.  To tide you over, enjoy a highlight reel from recent broadcasts featuring Alec Baldwin, Paul Muldoon, Wallace Shawn, Anne Enright and John Lithgow.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Radio Bloomsday 2014 Set List 7pm to 2am on

Happy Bloomsday!  Radio Bloomsday 2014 is broadcast tonight beginning at 7pm EST and finishing at 2am on WBAI.ORG.  It is a rebroadcast of last year's show so the cast and crew will be able to listen in bed at home just like you.  We are very excited to be part of the Radio Bloomsday audience this year.

Please write to us on our Radio Bloomsday Facebook page or send an email to and let us know that you are listening and what you think!

Below you'll find the order of the program from 7pm to 2am on

Radio Bloomsday Set List

7pm     In Search of Father                                                                                                                                                                            Telemachus with Roger Norris on voice and Graeme Norris on saxophone                            
Garrison Keillor - Wandering Rocks                                                  
Mannix Beall O’Brien and Felix Norris-Lindsay -  Cyclops                                      
Kate Valk - W.B Yeats The Stolen Child                                                              
Johnny O’Callaghan in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man                                                           
Heather Woodbury  WanderingRocks                                                                                                                                       
Brian O’Doherty – Wandering Rocks                                                                                                 
Nick McDonnell – Wandering Rocks                                               
Paul Muldoon – Proteus                                                               
John Lithgow – Alone by James Joyce                                                              
Jerry Stiller and Amy Stiller    Milly and Leopold in Calypso                                                    
Nausicaa – Mara McEwin                                                                       

8pm     Mother Father God                                                                                                                  
Janet Coleman and David Dozer – Father in all His meanings                                               
Michael Elias – Bloom’s Father Dying                                       
Jerry Stiller – Aeolus                                   
Tom Hagen -Telemachus                                                                                                                           
Ithaca – Paul Dooley/Bob Odenkirk                                                           
Susannah Norris – Lindsay – Cyclops and Circe
Ralph Martin  Whistle           
Johnny Coughlan Banjo           
Brad Maestas  Mandolin            
Steven Antonelli guitar
John Ligthgow Oxen of the Sun                                                           
Alec Baldwin – A Portrait of the Artist                                                           
Fiana Toibin  - Scylla and Charybdis                                                                                                             
Hamlet – T Ryder Smith                                                                       
Frank Delaney – Leopold Bloom in Church                                                                                               
John Spinks –  Wandering Rocks                                                                                                             
Bob Fass – Cyclops
Barbara Ann Michaels - Cyclops                                                  
9pm      Fathers, Babies, Birth                                                                                                                                  
Heather Woodbury – Wandering Rocks                                                                                                                                    
Wallace ShawnAnne Enright – Calypso                                                                                                                                     
Nicholas Elliot Oxen of the Sun                                                                                                  
Kate Valk – Oxen of the Sun                                               
Bob Odenkirk – Leopold Bloom monologue                                                                                                                                                          
John Lithgow - Oxen of the Sun                                                                                                                                               
Zeroboy – Sirens                                                                                                                                       
Sirens – Tara Bahna-James, Aaron Beall, Melanie  Martinez                                                                                                             
Eileen Ruby sings John Cage                                                               
James Joyce – Finnegans Wake                                                                                      

10pm      Unfaithful Fathers
Tim Jerome – Judge Woolsey decision on Ulysses                                                                                                                           
Marie Louise Bowe and Martin O’Connell  - musical interlude                                                                                                           
Jim Fletcher Solo                                                                                                            
Johnny O’Callaghan and Roma Downey – Lotus Eaters                                                                          
Tim Jerome – Wandering Rocks                                                                                                                           
Marie Louise and Martin and Christine de Michele - Loves Old Sweet Song                                                                                                            
Circe – T. Ryder Smith, Aaron Beall, Charles Busch                                                                          
Frank Delaney – Eumaeus                                                              
Paul DooleyBob Odenkirk, Ithaca                                      
Alec Baldwin – James Joyce’s letters to Nora                                                                       
Lord Byron poems – Johnny O’CallaghanJaason Simmons                                                                          

11pm      The Molly Duologue
Molly (Bernadette Quigley and Caraid O’Brien)                                                                                                             
Tarab –
Saw Doctors
John McCormack                                                                                                                                  


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Molly Bloom Duologue: A Preview

Listen to a 4 minute preview of the 3 hour Molly Bloom Duologue with Caraid O'Brien and Bernadette Quigley.  The complete text recorded live will be broadcast on Monday, June 16th at 11pm on

Monday, June 9, 2014

Radio Bloomsday 2014: The Molly Bloom Duologue

WBAI Broadcasts Caraid O’Brien & Bernadette Quigley's Complete Molly Bloom Monologue as a Duo Dialogue 
on Radio Bloomsday 2014

New York, NY -- Back by popular demand, the innovative performance of the complete Molly Bloom monologue from James Joyce’s Ulysses recorded live on June 16, 2013 by not one but two actresses, Caraid O’Brien and Bernadette Quigley, will be rebroadcast nationwide on Monday, June 16, 2014. Tune into Radio Bloomsday on WBAI (99.5 FM in NYC) or stream at beginning at 7pm until the wee hours of the morning.   Each year, Radio Bloomsday ends its 7 hour nationwide broadcast of James Joyce’s Ulysses with the novel's final celebrated chapter – a two and a half hour passion filled monologue, by the novel’s heroine, Molly Bloom.  For the second year the re-imagined monologue will be presented as a conversation that Molly has with her younger self, with every word still faithful to the text of one of the most celebrated chapters in literature ever.  The Molly duo begins at 11.

The Molly Bloom soliloquy is also the most sexually explicit chapter in Ulysses and the reason why the book is so frequently censored.  Molly, a soprano, has spent the day in bed with her lover Blazes Boylan while her husband, Leopold Bloom wanders around Dublin. Throughout the two and a half hour episode, a flood of memories is unleashed as the two Mollys spend the night together, attempting to unravel the mysteries of their art, their lovers and their lives. Despite all the men that have crossed Molly’s path, she is her own most faithful companion.

Ms. O'Brien says, "From the moment I first read Molly Bloom’s monologue on my bed in Mount Scopus in Jerusalem where I was studying Yiddish literature, that episode became the road map for my own artistic experience. Like Molly, I fantasize about a time of endless financial resources, when I have an limitless supply of costumes to wear onstage, and can throw a handful of tea in the pot without scrimping to make it last as long as possible.  Like Molly, I am a performer who spends more time in bed than I do on stage."

Earlier in the evening, from 7:00 p.m. on, WBAI's Radio Bloomsday's broadcast includes a kaleidoscope of global artistic talent united by a passion for getting under the hood of the most influential novel of the twentieth century - James Joyce's Ulysses.  Commemorating Father’s Day, the broadcast explores the often complicated relationship between fathers and their children as portrayed in Ulysses. 

This year’s performers ranging in age from 5 to 85 years of age include Alec Baldwin, Aaron Beall, Mannix Beall-O’Brien, Marie-Louise Bowe, Justin Vivian Bond, Charles Busch, Janet Coleman, Frank Delaney, Paul Dooley, Roma Downey, David Dozer, Anne Enright, Jim Fletcher, Garrison Keillor, Michael Laurence, John Lithgow, Marc Maron, Nick McDonell, Paul Muldoon, Felix Norris-Lindsay, John O’Callaghan, Bob Odenkirk, Wallace Shawn, Marc Singer, T. Ryder Smith, Jerry Stiller, Tarab, Kate Valk, Heather Woodbury, Fiona Walsh, Zeroboy and many others. Musicians appearing on the broadcast include Australian performers Roger Norris, Graeme Norris and Susannah Norris-Lindsay, All Ireland button accordion champion, Martin O’Connell, fiddle player Marie-Louise Bowe, singer Eileen Ruby, Steven Antonelli, Ralph Martin, Johnny Coughlan, and Brad Maestas.

The Mollys Bloom (Caraid O'Brien and Bernadette Quigley) photographed by Louie Correia

Born in Galway, Ireland, Caraid O'Brien is a writer, performer and director.  She is the director of Radio Bloomsday, an annual marathon radio performance of James Joyce’s Ulysses featuring over 100 performers on WBAI.  Her direction of Bloomsday on Broadway for Symphony Space is available on CD starring Stephen Colbert.  Caraid graduated summa cum laude, phi beta kappa with a BA in Yiddish literature from Boston University, studied Yiddish and Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Irish (Gaelic) at the National University of Ireland. 

Bernadette Quigley has performed the Molly Bloom soliloquy live at Symphony Space.  Her many film and t.v. credits include The SuspectDream House starring Daniel Craig, The House Is Burning, Jim Sheridan’s Oscar-nominated In America, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Third Watch, Kings and most recently, Unforgettable. Quigley has also performed on and off-Broadway and extensively in regional theaters across the U.S.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Complete Molly Bloom Monologue - A studio recording

The Penelope episode from Ulysses - Molly Bloom's 3 hour interior monologue as she thinks over her life, her lovers and her children, is available in its entirety to listen to here.  This recording was made in a studio by Caraid O'Brien in 2011 over several weeks at The Radio Foundation on the Upper West Side of New York City, a popular hangout for Joyce fanatics.  The version you hear will Caraid perform on Radio Bloomsday this Monday June 16th together with the actress Bernadette Quigley is a live performance done in three hours without interruption.