Monday, May 24, 2010

Ulysses in Hypertext

One of the reasons that readers find Ulysses daunting is because of the many obscure Irish, Hellenic, Catholic and literary references throughout the text. With the advent of the internet, dozens of websites devoted to decoding the book became available online. In many ways, Ulysses is the perfect test case for literary hypertext. Jorn Barger of has been experimenting with the many layers of an online Ulysses for over a decade. His site is an invaluable resource for new and seasoned readers. You can read his notes on episode 1 here.

Recently, a new website devoted to Ulysses as an online literary experience launched at and it is wonderful. Roll the mouse over a highlighted reference or vocabulary word and an instant explanation appears. No more thumbing through Ulysses annotated or googling Latin phrases. A work in progress by Amanda Visconti, the first two episodes are available now. A perfect place for new readers to start.

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