Thursday, June 14, 2012

Radio Bloomsday 2012

On Saturday, June 16, Radio Bloomsday, Pacifica Radio's annual marathon celebration of James Joyce and his masterpiece, "Ulysses", airs on WBAI/NY (99.5 FM,, KPFK/LA (90.7, and Santa Barbara (98.7), KPFA/Berkeley (live stream only and other Pacifica affiliate stations for seven consecutive hours. From 7pm until the wee hours of the morning, hear artists interpret Joyce.

With Steven Antonelli, Alec Baldwin, Aaron Beall, Justin Vivian Bond, Marie-Louise Bowe, Janet Coleman, Keith Connolly, Johnny Coughlin, Marion Cowings, Frank Delaney, Paul Dooley, Roma Downey, David Dozer, Michael Elias, Anne Enright, Jim Fletcher, Judy Graubart, Tony Hendra, Michael Laurence, Sondra Lee, John Lithgow, Simon Loekle, Mara McEwen, John Buffalo Mailer, Deb Margolin, Ralph Martin, Paul Muldoon, John O’Callahan, Bob Odenkirk, Jenny O’Hara, Angelica Page, Ailsa Prideaux-Mooney, Bernadette Quigley, Laura Ross, Wallace Shawn, T. Ryder Smith, Amy Stiller, Jerry Stiller, Tony Torn, Nick Ullett, Kate Valk, Fiona Walsh, Jamil Zakkai, and Zeroboy.

Radio Bloomsday is directed and dramaturged by Caraid O'Brien whose two and a half hour live monologue as "Penelope," or Molly Bloom, passionately concludes our show. The FCC requires that this speech which contains explicit sexual thoughts and language, be aired in the "safe harbor" of time,  after 10pm, when adults are anyway impelled to "put down" children. Then, get under the covers and stay tuned.

With special thanks to Larry Josephson and The Radio Foundation, Brian de Shazor and Mark Torres of The Pacifica Radio Archives, and Aaron Beall.  And to Jon Almeleh, Pacifica National Technical Director, Reggie Johnson, Production Engineer, David Dozer, Tony Ryan, and Max Schmid, Program Engineers, and Janet Coleman, Artistic Director. 

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  1. Rock on O'Brien!
    Take a breath at 11:29 p.m. : )