Monday, June 21, 2010

Radio Bloomsday 2010 Wrap Up

Radio Bloomsday 2010 exceeded our expectations! It was a fantastic night and thank you all for listening in. We have received so many great letters from our listeners who enjoyed the show. Apologies to our California fans who were outraged when Molly went off the air in the middle of her monologue. The good news is that we will be uploading the entire show soon to this blogspot so that people can listen to it again and again whenever they like, including the entire Molly monologue or any other part you may have missed.

There are so many moments from the night that light up my memory. The Sirens section beginning at 9.20 was one of my favorite performances of all time. It started with our artistic director Janet Coleman performing the overture (the first few pages) together with the Displaced Playwright David Dozer. Then Aaron Beall, Tara Bahna-James and Nicole Wiesner performed the first scene as the two bitchy sopranos mocked Bloom over tea and finally T Ryder Smith performed our final Bloom monologue of the evening. The orgasmic giggling of Tara and Nicole as the bitchy sopranos who had just spent the day sunning themselves perfectly captured the musicality that pulsates through this magical episode of the novel and inspired me to want to stage the entire chapter for next year's show. It was everything we hope to achieve with Radio Bloomsday - artists interpreting Ulysses to illuminate the text for the rest of us.

Janet really loved hearing Paul Dooley and Bob Odenkirk's recording in the green room which she was listening to for the first time. Zeroboy's tribute to David Nolan also was a real highlight of the night. Thank you to our wonderful actors on both coasts and to all the engineers who made the night possible. Each year we go deeper into the text, we understand more and are able to share that with you our audience. Ulysses is like the sea, mesmerizing and infinite, teaming with life and the process of bringing out the colors of the text through performance is rewarding, inspiring and renewing. Thalatta! Thalatta!

We will keep you updated with new developments throughout the year. Meanwhile, please send us your comments and suggestions.

Radio Bloomsday 2011 is just 360 days away.

Listen to the first hour of Radio Bloomsday here

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