Wednesday, June 16, 2010

t blogs in passing

It is wonderful to listen to in the green room, and funny to see the actors leave the booth afterwards, with brows wrinkled, worried that they hadn't done well, going over the list of their imagined mistakes. Good thing our self-perceptions are rarely accurate.
What is best, I think, after all the prior furious dives into and finicky leans over the sea of Joycean exegesis. to make sure we had the intricacies of reference down, is that the readings themselves are so simple and fun, and - we can hope - capture what was the reaction of Joyce's circle of friends when he first read the work aloud to them: laughter, wonder, joy. - TRS


  1. Will it be possible to download a podcast of these readings at a later date?

  2. the show is available so i hear on for one week in one hour chunks... will look into... we blog. we tweet. we should podcast! -mannix